The dread of visibility

Try typing “CPM” in Google and you will enter what I imagined the dark web to be.
I know it’s really paradoxical when you decide to have a blog to hate marketing and self-promotion but here we are.
I will just start with one word. Well, technically not a word but an acronym: SEO.
I am pretty sure there is absolutely no love attached to this word.
No one thinks “SEO” and have positive thoughts.
It is not that I don’t know how to improve it or why it exists, believe me, I do. I even worked as a social media manager.
*Side thought: I just realized that my keyword for this article might be “SEO”, do you think I will make the system implode? Creating a google algorithm inception? SEO will whisper to google “SEO” “SEo” “Seo” “seo” indefinitely in an eternal time loop. God, I love Christopher Nolan movies…yes, Anyway, back to visibility.*
Real question? Is there anyone on this earth who truly loves Marketing? I wonder.
Was there anyone who dreamt as a kid to be “a marketing manager” or an advertising executive.
I see so many posts on “how to be visible” on the internet because it is apparently the goal of every human being with an internet connection.
Marketing and advertisement are held so high in our society’s standards.
You have to be good at it and you will be targeted by it. To target or being targeted that is the question. 
You have to be good at selling stuff and if it is digital you have to know google’s or Facebook algorithm tricks.
What a dread.
I am not going to be a digital businesswoman.
I am thus a loser. Plagued with the unwillingness of selling myself to the big data controllers.
No one will know me and what I do.
I will never monetize this blog. I will never become an influencer.
I shall remain invisible for most and read only by people who know me in real life. 
And it might be sound crazy but it is more than enough to me. 
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