The Matramaya movie club

The Matramaya movie club,  or mamaMC for cool kids.
If you don’t know already (there is an About section for the curious), I created a movie review blog called movieguideme a few years ago.
Although I loved my experience with this blog, I am no longer really active because I wanted to create something different and this blog was born.
I still love movies though and I still love talking about them. But I want to do things differently this time.
First of all, I would like to concentrate on movies that I could actually love.
On movieguideme, I would do critiques on the latest movies released in theaters, including the ones I didn’t like.
It was always unpleasant to share a discontentment and I always felt bad for the creators.
I will only critique movies I love, this blog is called “only love” after all. 
Secondly, I won’t do recent releases. I would certainly not be able to keep with them anyways.
Instead, I would like to concentrate on movies that are underrated, didn’t necessarily had the commercial success they deserved so that are not very well known of the general public. 
Lastly, I would like to have a conversation about movies rather than a one-sided lecture from yours truly.
Instead, I would like us to watch a movie all together and talk about it afterward!
So I thought about creating a movie club!
We could decide together which movie to watch once a month! 
I must admit, I have a preference for indie movies (Sundance festival is my mecca) so expect those kinds of proposition from me.
I will go ahead and choose the first movie to get things going:
For the month of June, the assignment is “Greenberg” 
Greenberg was directed by from the then-starting-but-now-well-known-director Noah Baumbach.
We have until next week to watch the movie (so Sunday June 28th).
I will post the review of the movie then and we can debate in the comments section of it. I encourage you to write your own critique there as well! 
I can’t wait to read your thoughts on that movie!
You can sign up for the Movie Club updates in the newsletter section (in the right column of the blog).
Let me know in the comments sections if you have questions or suggestions! 
Let’s debate next week! 

The Movie of the club this month: 

Greenberg (2010)
Greenberg movie poster107 minutes

Rhys Ifans as Ivan

Greta Gerwig as Florence

Ben Stiller as Roger Greenberg

Brie Larson as Sara

Mark Duplass as Eric

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Beth

Based on a story by Jennifer Jason Leigh
Written and directed by Noah Baumbach


If you would like to know the next movie for the club, subscribe to the newsletter! 



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Cool, I m in. Will watch Greenberg as my first assignment 🤓