Creative Writing Challenge#1 : “White”

“I am so white.

My family was white from generations. In fact, I have nothing else but only white family members.

I guess you could say I am privileged. I am not hiding it.

My whiteness is what got me where I am today. 

My father taught me that and he was white. The whitest guy you could think of.

Because White people are GREAT people.

And I trust them. 

I only rent my properties to white people: you know white people will pay their rent.

I like to surround myself with white people. In fact, in my casinos, I just want white people when I come around. 

I also hire only white people because they are the only ones who can actually work and not steal from you. 

White people are rich and powerful, they are BEAUTIFUL people. There are the only people not committing a crime in this country. 

True Americans are white. They should show their birth certificate to prove otherwise. 

People of other colors do lots of bad stuff.

We should ban them from entering the country.

I will build a GReaT HuGGee Wall. 

I am so White! 

What did you say? I don’t need a mirror, thanks a lot. Let me take a look: Oh…I am…orange?!?!! “





More on Trump’s history of racism here

More on the creative writing challenge concept here

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