The Creative Writing Challenge

Have you ever felt like you meant to achieve something but never really knew what?
When I was young I had a very clear vision of my life: I would have a career, probably in the movie business and I will think about my love life when I’m dead.
A super healthy plan. Turned out I have no career or a very different unconnected multi-careers one (so none) but I found the love of my life.
It actually turned not too bad but I am still missing something. It was always hard to know what.
Especially since many things interest me.
I have struggled a lot with the concept of being « creative ».
I still have some worries saying I am a creative person. It feels like I am claiming an achievement I do not deserve.
I do know now that I need to write. 
Of course, I am really afraid of writing something really uninteresting. So I didn’t try for a long time and I got frustrated.
It’s funny how it is really easy to find reasons not to do something.
For instance, why would you participate in something when you know nothing will come out of it?
What is the point of even making the effort?
I feel like you are conditioned to do things only if it means getting some kind of reward or payment for it.
I feel that no matter what you do, you need to be « efficient », you need to be “successful”
This constant pressure of the result ends up being paralyzing.
Why not just do things just to experiment? 
Not everything has to be a performance or a side job or hustle or a well-curated project (or blog!).
We need to let go of expectations, of pressure, and just fool around a bit.
So since I know that I like to write, I thought I would start a creative writing challenge for fun!
It would be even more enjoyable if some friends would participate too.
We could share our stories and get inspired by each other.
We could do this once a month for now.
We could have polls to decide themes and I would post people’s creations on a dedicated page of the blog!
I will go ahead with the first theme and decide the first one. and it is…white!
It can be very literal as the color white or more subjective like being pale with worry…just be creative!
Let us just experiment and express ourselves without second-guessing our every word. There is nothing to lose because we are just trying and challenging ourselves! 
I am happy to motivate myself and maybe inspire others to do the same.
I will post my entry Sunday 12th, and you will be able to post yours in the comment section. It can be a short story, essay, poetry, song, or even visual works, basically, anything you like and I will publish them along with my « white » creation!
#creativeWC #matramayaCWC

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