The well-rounded concept of my blog

Let me be blunt: as of today, I am not really 100% sure what this blog is about.
I know, it sounds like a great business pitch.
Nowadays, everything has to be marketed.
Everyone can become anything as long as the concept is clear and the hashtags are well chosen.
We have to create a brand, even worse, we all became brands when social media was invented. We are all trying to sell ourselves on social media whether for likes or for actual money. 
Now, possibilities are vast and becoming an influencer is virtually to the reach of anyone. We are all playing the game of popularity contest…and it’s exhausting !
It is also limiting and counter productive, you end up spending more time on the marketing aspects of things rather than the actual content. At least, at first. 
This whole energy towards selling and coming with a concept and stay within the boundaries of that concept is just too much pressure for me.
How I am suppose to have it all figured out when I haven’t done anything yet?

When you create a blog, you need to narrow down your subject. For instance, If you are talking about ducks, you cannot talk about cats.
Well, what if I want to talk about astrophysics (if only I could) and also gardening? I don’t know, both sounds fun.
I am constantly thinking: What kind of blog is this? Movie critics? Book critics? Blog advise? (probably not), Travel tips? Humanitarian projects? Lifestyle? Self-improvement? What is the word for most of the above?
You also have to choose a tone, a writing style: poetic? Corporate? Light and funny? Serious? technical or warm?
What’s the word for « depending on my mood » tone?
The same goes for the aesthetics: if the images are well curated, the expected tone would be quite serious. If the theme of the blog is very colorful, you would expect the style of writing to be fun.
You also have to know to whom you are selling your product to: who is your target? *imagining people with target on their back and we trying to shoot them with a bow*
Can I answer someone who like reading non sense?
And all of that concept is summed up by the logo: you have to feel the style and the theme of your blog just by seeing it.
I have played this game before with my previous blog: called Movieguideme.
As a result, it became more about the consistency and visibility of the blog and less about what I was actually «selling». 
I know now that’s too much pressure for little me. I don’t know what I am doing. Who knows what they are doing in life? When you are young, you look at adults and you think: these people know life, they got this.
Then you grow up, become an adult, and you realize no one knows what they are actually doing, you included. We are all just trying to make the most of life as we are figuring it out.
Well, there you have it. I am figuring it out.
I also don’t really want to sell anything, I just want to experiment. Is it a crime to just do something just for the heck of it?
We became such a digital society where performing online is the ultimate mark of success.
Well, I just want to do something irrelevant, financially inconsequential without being shamed for it. With Movieguideme, I had to justify countless of times why I was doing while not making any money from it.
People were not curious about how I was making income but rather didn’t understand why I would take pleasure in a non-lucrative thing.
I lost a lot of time trying to answer that question to these individuals.
Isn’t spontaneity the base of creativity? Isn’t it freeing to do things because you want to, without boundaries or worry?
So that’s the blog. There are things written on it, and more to come, but what, I don’t know. 
I will write whatever I feel like but always sincerely. And hopefully, people with connect with me and we can all have fun being “unsuccessful” together.
In that purpose, a few collaborative projects are on the way. The first one is the Matra Maya movie club.  If you would like to participate, you can check it out here
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