About Me

I am from Paris, France and moved to Iceland after 2 years of travelling. I studied law and movie producing. I just started this new blog as an experiment with the sole goal of writing about what I like.

This is not my first blog: I have one about movies that my friend Priscilla is now managing called Movie Guide Me and I used to have a travel related one. But now that I’m not traveling anymore, I thought of doing something more eclectic.

During my 2 years of traveling, I lived 3 months in Nepal with a humanitarian project where I helped rebuild a school after the earthquakes of 2015. It was the most fulfilling experience of being surrounded by other good-hearted volunteers and incredibly generous locals. Being in that kind of energy was such a gift, and I thought about trying to keep it with me. So I tattooed on my wrist in Nepali “matra maya” which means “only love”.

So I’m trying to always come from a positive place and think with love in my everyday life which is far from being easy, but I have that reminder on my wrist and great people in my life to remind me whenever I’m starting to lose it. I want to use this kind of energy wih this blog and just create a positive, cozy place for people to hang out with me! So come with love and enjoy!